The 4 keys to a healthy life

Living healthy is about more than just your diet. You need to look at all the things that impact how your body functions. Our system promotes better nutrition and better exercise, but also better sleep and more enjoyment in life.

Eat better

Eat filling, nutritious meals. If you nourish your body, it’s easier to control your cravings and resist temptations.

Move better

Use your cravings to motivate you to go out and exercise. Focus on effort, not results. Enjoy yourself!

Sleep better

Make sleep a priority. Remove all screens from your bedroom and turn in by 10:30PM. Take naps whenever you need them.

Live better

Better health means nothing unless it enables a better life. Play, connect, work, give, laugh, dance. Enjoy your life.

Our System

Learn more about our natural approach to nutrition, exercise and sleep.

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In my life I have tried a million diets, but I always slide back into my old habits and all the weight comes back. The Healthy Lives program made me understand what my body really needs. Yes, I still slip now and then, but now I know how to get back on track quickly.

MariekeAmsterdam, Netherlands

Your program is great! I love that it is not only meant for super healthy, thin, perfect people. We all have faults but I try to do my best in life. Your system lets me feel like it’s OK to be myself but it also challenges me to grow. Thank you!

Julia G.Hamburg, Germany

I have been doing paleo on and off for a few years now. Initially it got me great results, but at some point they flattened out. I clearly needed to be more active, but I found it hard to get myself to exercise. Now I “gather” my own foods with the Healthy Lives app. I base my daily activities on what I would like to eat. It is rewarding and gives my exercise a purpose.

DanCharlottesville, USA

Do you need a nutritional reset?

  • Are you never full?

    Are you never satisfied, even after a big meal? Do you often feel peckish during the day?

  • Do you crave sugar?

    Are you often snacking? Do you need to end every meal with something sweet?

  • Is your energy low?

    Are you often tired? Do you experience spikes and dips in energy throughout the day?

  • Don’t know what to do?

    Have you tried many different diets that just weren’t working?

  • Time for a fresh start!

    If you answered yes to any of these questions, our Fresh Start program could be perfect for you.