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Healthy Lives informs and advises people from around the world about healthy nutrition and exercise. Healthy Lives is based in Utrecht, the bike capital of the world. Cycling through these Dutch city streets, it’s easy to see how simple functional exercise can be.

We believe eating delicious and nutritious food, regularly exercising within your ability and sleeping well lead to a happier, healthier life. Eating delicious, nutritious food is more effective than counting calories. Taking a regular walk in the park gets better results than punishing yourself at the gym.

We don’t believe in punishment. Or in goals. Goals may help you get results in the short term, but they have been proven ineffective in the long run. They are great at making you feel guilty about not achieving them.

We believe the two things you need to live a healthy life are simple habits and positive motivation. By letting you earn your foods through exercise we give you a natural motivation to be active. And if you feel like being lazy instead, you just make do with simpler meals for a day. No guilt required.

Better Health for All

Our mission is to offer everyone who wants to change their life the tools to do that. 100% free, no strings attached. Whether you just want to get inspired, get some daily exercise motivation or completely turn your life around, we got you covered.

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