The Healthy Lives App

The app allows you to log your activities during the day. For each activity you complete, you earn food for tomorrow’s menu. Restoring this link between your activities and the foods you eat will motivate you to exercise. Rather than exercise for ethereal goals like weight loss and heart health, you exercise to eat the foods you love. Weight loss and heart health are just a happy side effect.

A desire to eat and laziness are both natural instincts. The app gives you a choice: be lazy and make do with more modest meals, or be active and fill your plate with the foods you crave. Whether your cravings win out or your laziness, as long as you don’t eat anything you didn’t earn there is nothing to feel guilty about. When you earn your foods, every delicious meal or snack you eat will be something to be proud of.

Are your ready?

When you switch to the Healthy Lives system for the first time, your body will need to get used to going without large amounts of sugar and starch. This is a big change, and effectively you will go into sugar rehab for a few weeks. During these weeks, we recommend you don’t eat yellow category foods and certainly not allow yourself any cheats.

If you have never gone without sugars and starches before, we recommend you only eat green category foods for at least two weeks. After that, you can slowly start to reintroduce yellow category foods and earned cheats to your diet. Those first two weeks you may also suffer rehab symptoms and we recommend to take it easy with your exercise efforts. We recommend you don’t use the app until the third week of your Healthy Lives journey.

If you feel a little overwhelmed at this point, don’t worry. Check out our Fresh Start program, especially designed to guide you through the difficult first weeks.

The Rules

Download the app to start using it today. While using the app, always stick to the following rules:

  • Eat only what you earn

    Earning food is a great motivation to go out and exercise. But only if you adhere strictly to this rule. No exceptions.

  • Be true to yourself

    This is your chance to improve your life. The app will not know whether you have really done the exercises you log. Be true to yourself if you really want to get results.

  • Don’t accumulate exercises

    Going for a 30 minute walk is not the same as going for six 5 minute walks. If the app tells you to walk for 30 minutes, plan a 30 minute walk. Don’t reward yourself for walking 20 minutes either. How fast you walk is entirely up to you. Set a good pace, but stay within your abilities.

  • Stay sensible

    Earned foods don’t mean you have to eat them. Don’t overeat and be sure to eat plenty of vegetables every day, regardless of which foods you earned. Conversely, don’t starve yourself if you haven’t exercised the day before. Just eat more fruits and vegetables.

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