How to most effectively use our app

At a glance

The app lets you log your exercises to earn the foods you want to eat the next day. By linking what you can eat directly to how much you exercise, you recreate a natural balance in your life. If you haven’t downloaded the app yet, you can download it here.

  • Gathered foods

    Foods you gather by exercising today will be on the menu tomorrow. Tap the icons for more details.

  • Exercises

    Tap the + icons to see a list of available exercises. When you have done an exercise for the indicated time, tap it to earn an item for tomorrow’s menu.

  • Navigation

    When you finish logging your exercises, tap the OK button. You can then e-mail yourself your results uncluding some fitting recipe suggestions.

  • Cheats

    Earned cheats are saved here and can be claimed by tapping them. Don’t forget to claim a cheat after you use it!

The Healthy Lives system

Our system lets you build a better relationship with food. You will:

  • Eat foods with a high nutritional value and avoid foods with little or no nutritional value.
  • Use the app to earn the foods that in nature would require effort to find or make.
  • Get recipe suggestions to help make every meal you eat as delicious as possible.

We divide foods into three different categories (the colors are not shown in the app):



Vegetables, mushrooms, fruit, fish, herbs and spices, salt, healthy fats, condiments, (carbonated) water, black coffee and tea.

The green category contains common healthy foods. In the app, these foods are always available and do not need to be earned.


Earned foods

Potatoes, white rice, whole grains, quinoa; nuts, dark chocolate, legumes, fermented soy products; fruit juice, dried fruits, alcohol (1 glass); eggs; meat, poultry; cheese, yogurt and cream.

The yellow category contains healthy foods that in nature would require extra effort to find or make. In the app, these are the foods you need to earn. More information.


Cheats only

Refined grains, unfermented soy, seed oils, sugary snacks and drinks, artificial flavors and additives, milk, alcohol.

The red category contains unhealthy foods you should avoid. In the app, you can earn cheats that allow you to eat one meal or snack with no restrictions.

Let your cravings motivate you

We understand having to earn your daily meals from now on may sound a little overwhelming. But you will find that earning the foods you crave gives you a great sense of satisfaction. And as long as you stick to the rules, there is no guilt involved. You either exercise and earn extra foods, or you are content with the foods you have and you choose to be lazy instead.

On top of that, the app lets you earn cheats. Each cheat allows you one meal or snack with no restrictions. And we really mean no restrictions. A cheat can be earned in three ways:

  1. Randomly by getting two hearts at the start of the day
  2. By completing an activity after collecting all foods
  3. As a reward for some daily challenges

Use your cheats wisely but don’t feel that every cheat should be a 5 course meal at a fancy restaurant. If what makes you happy right now is a pizza or some gelato, that is a great way to spend a cheat. Don’t allow your cheats to be more than one meal or snack. Stretching every cheat into a full-day sugar splurge is a recipe for disaster.

Healthier exercise

Modern exercise is focused on long cardio workouts at raised heart rates. Running 10+ miles may be a great achievement, but it is not doing your body any favors. Most people that run long distances are overtrained and tired all the time. Our ancestors would walk long distances in search for food and carry that food back to the camp. Sometimes they would run to escape a lion or catch a wild boar. But running would always be short and explosive, rarely long distance. In nature, human exercise consisted of just four basic elements:


Walking is the only movement we were designed to keep up for long periods at a time. Try to take a 30 minute walk every day and a longer hike (2+ hours) once a week.


Lifting weights (either real weights or your own body) helps build muscle. A stronger body burns fat more efficiently. Try to do 15-20 minutes of strength exercises twice a week. If you don’t have any equipment, no problem. There are plenty of strength exercises that require no more than a wall or a chair.


Sprinting helps maintain a healthy heart, and releases hormones that keep you sharp and alert. Try to do 10 minutes of sprinting exercises at least once a week. It doesn’t matter how fast or how far you sprint, as long as you go all out.


All the healthy food and exercise in the world won’t help you if you don’t sleep well. Keep your bedroom free of screens and sleep 7-9 hours every night. You earn one foraged food (green icon) if you turned in by 10:30PM the night before.

Note we aren’t saying anything about reps or speeds or distances. We want you to make regular exercise a habit. We don’t care if you can do 1 push-up or 100, as long as you put in time and real effort. Exercise within your ability. Don’t let yourself be influenced by people around you who can run faster or lift more than you. This is not about them. If you push yourself just a little each day you will find yourself improving.

Daily Challenge

To motivate you to vary your exercises, the app will give you a challenge every day (starting two days after you first use the app). Complete one exercise of the required type and you will earn an additional food or cheat.

In this example, you would earn an extra foraged food if you complete a strength exercise today. The challenges have been programmed to provide a healthy and natural exercise rhythm. The rewards are randomized; on average you will be able to earn a cheat once every six days.

The fine print

  • Be true to yourself

    This is your chance to improve your life. The app will not know whether you have really done the exercises you log. Be true to yourself if you really want to get results. When you need to do a 30 minute walk, don’t reward yourself for walking 20 minutes.

  • Don’t accumulate exercises

    Going for a 30 minute walk is not the same as going for six 5 minute walks spread out across the day. The only exception to this is when you do sequential activities. For example, if you cycle 15 minutes to the swimming pool, then swim for 20 minutes and finally cycle 15 minutes back home, you can count this as 1 cycling and 1 swimming activity.

  • Only log time you are really active

    For example, 9 holes of golf should count as 90 minutes, even if the course was busy and you spent an extra hour waiting at the tee. Some exercises, like child’s play and work, comprise a wide range of activities. Be your own judge. If you made a real physical effort, you earn a food item. If all you’ve done was push a swing or some needlework, don’t count it or spend twice as long on it.

  • Stay sensible

    Earned foods don’t mean you have to eat them. Don’t overeat and be sure to eat plenty of vegetables every day, regardless of which foods you earned. Conversely, don’t starve yourself if you haven’t exercised the day before. Just eat more staples.