At a glance

The app lets you log your exercises to earn foods. By linking what you can eat to your activities, you recreate a natural balance in your life. If you haven’t downloaded the app yet, you can download it here.

Screenshot of the Healthy Lives app
  • Gathered foods

    Foods you gather by exercising today will be on tomorrow’s menu. Tap to see which foods you have gathered. Check our food guide for more information about individual foods.

  • Exercises

    Tap the + icons to see a list of available exercises. When you have done an exercise for the indicated time, tap it to earn a food for tomorrow’s menu. Check our exercise guide for more information.

  • Navigation

    To undo an action or go back a screen, tap the left button. When you’ve finished logging your exercises for the day, tap the middle button. To go directly to today’s menu (that you earned yesterday), tap the right button.

  • Cheats

    Earned cheats are saved here and can be claimed by tapping them. Don’t forget to claim a cheat after you use it!