Maintain a naturally healthy lifestyle

Cruising through life

The Reset phase has strict rules that help you regain a natural, healthy metabolism. The Balance phase aims to maintain that balance but allow you more wriggle room so it’s easier to keep up from day to day. You’ll get to earn additional foods and there will also be more ways to earn cheats (although cheats will remain the exception, not the rule).

The basic principle remains the same. You will eat nutritious foods and you will be rewarded for keeping up your healthy habits.

Diet changes

Below are the food categories for the Balance phase. Check our food guide for more detailed information.



Vegetables, mushrooms, fruit, fish, herbs and spices, salt, healthy fats, condiments; (carbonated) water, black coffee and tea.

The green category contains common healthy foods and drinks. These are always available and do not need to be earned.


Earned foods

Potatoes, white rice, whole grains, quinoa; nuts, legumes, dark chocolate, fermented soy; fruit juice, dried fruits, alcohol (1 glass); eggs; meat, poultry; hard cheese, yogurt, cream

The yellow category contains healthy foods that in nature would require effort to find or make. These are the foods you need to earn using our app.

If you experience sudden symptoms when you reintroduce these foods (like hives, hay fever, shortness of breath or intestinal cramps), you may be sensitive to some of them. If that happens, we recommend getting checked (the usual suspects are whole grains, dairy and soy).


Cheats only

Refined grains, seed oils, unfermented soy, artificial flavors and additives, sugary snacks and drinks, milk, alcohol.

The red category contains unhealthy foods you should avoid. Sometimes you will earn a cheat which will allow you to eat one meal or snack with no restrictions.

Using the app

Now that you have reached the Balance phase, there is only one habit you need to adopt. Use the app. Every day. That’s it.

Every day, the app will allow you to log your activities for the day. For each activity you complete, you will earn an additional food of your choice for next day’s menu. You can use earned foods in any or all of that day’s meals and snacks.

If you want to have a lazy day and make do with limited foods the next day, that is fine. And if you have a night out planned and decide to go the extra mile so you can drink some beers, that is also fine. As long as you stick to our one unbendable rule:


And always base your meals on vegetables and healthy proteins. Treat starchy foods as the cherry on the cake, not as the center of the meal. Even potatoes, rice or whole grain pasta. If you allow these starchy foods to become the center of all your meals again, you will slowly slide back to your old glucose dependency.

Although the app gives you a whole range of new activities to earn foods, we recommend you keep up the habits you learned. So drink lots of water, go to bed on time and take a daily walk. Walking and going to bed on time will still earn you food, but drinking water will no longer earn you food in the Balance phase.

With all of that out of the way, let’s download the app and get cracking!

The next phase

As you may have gathered, there is no next phase. These rules are made to live by from now on. Of course, forever is a long time, and we know that’s not how real life works. There will be vacations, holiday dinner marathons and other temptations that will lure you to the dark side from time to time.

Don’t panic, you know what you need to do now.

If you have gained a little weight, it may be enough to tighten the reins a little. Maybe you just need to eat smaller portions, drink more water or eat more vegetables.

But sometimes, your fitness and your healthy habits will slip a little further. You forget to use the app for a few weeks and your cheats start to last from lunch until bedtime. If that happens, we recommend you stop and do another Reset phase.