Nutrition Guide


Recommended use: One glass a day when earned.

Scientific consensus is that 1 glass of alcohol per day has some beneficial effect on health. Recent studies also suggest that this is true for beer, wine, cider and spirits. Cocktails and other sugary mixes count as sugary drinks and should be avoided. These studies should be taken with a grain of salt. You’re probably still better off not drinking alcohol at all, but allowing you to earn 1 glass a day can help you stay motivated.

Drinking alcohol has a direct impact on your health. While you’re digesting alchohol, your body puts all other metabolic processes on hold. This means your body stops burning fat until all the alcohol is fully digested. Alcohol also messes with healthy sleeping patterns and gives you the munchies. Because it lowers your inhibitions at the same time, you are likely to gorge on junk foods. That said, alcohol can also contribute to your wellbeing because it is a social lubricant. It lowers inhibitions and loosens the tongue. Spending a cheat to have a few drinks on a night out can help you get more value out of your personal relationships.

Drink a maximum of 1 glass of alcohol per day (unless you spend a cheat), and be sure to have alcohol free days as well (if this is hard for you, this may indicate other problems). If you suffer from fitful sleeps, try skipping your glass or having it with dinner instead of just before bed.