Nutrition Guide


Recommended use: When earned, use to liven up your healthy, whole food meals.

A core principle of the Healthy Lives philosophy is that you should make each and every meal as delicious as possible. For this reason, even though condiments often contain added sugars and other unhealthy ingredients, we allow condiments in moderation.

If you find you are increasing the amount of condiments you eat with every meal just to get your sugar fix, we recommend to leave condiments off the menu for a week or two, then slowly reintroduce them. Look for condiments that don’t contain too many unnatural additives:

  • Tomato ketchup: Heinz has several variants with little or no additives.
  • Hot chilli sauce: Although most brands contain additives, Tabasco has several clean options. Mix with a little ketchup for a milder chilli sauce.
  • Mayonnaise: Basically a mixture of egg yolks and oil, mayonnaise is the perfect condiment on paper. Unfortunately, most mayonnaises are made with unhealthy seed oils. There are some commercial options that use avocado or olive oil.
  • Mustard: There are many clean options. Check the ingredient list.
  • BBQ sauce: Most BBQ sauces are full of additives and we don’t recommend using them. If you want some smoked flavor with your food, try some Chipotle hot sauce or smoked paprika powder.