Nutrition Guide


Recommended use: Don’t use. Ever. If you earned a cheat, spend it on the real thing!

Decades of diet crazes have brought us nothing but disaster. Instead of helping you focus on eating nutritious foods, diet products replace naturally occuring fats or sugars with highly processed substitutes. And while they help you feel in control, they tend to focus on eliminating a single nutrient without replacing it with something healthy.

Your metabolism works best when it is supplied with natural foods in natural proportions. Unbalancing those proportions to fit with the latest diet craze is just not a smart move.

If you worry about your diet, cut out refined starches, sugars and seed oils and focus on eating natural, whole foods. Don’t be afraid to opt for full fat dairy or have your meat with a bit of fat on. Our bodies are perfectly capable of handling dietary fat, as long as it’s unrefined and from natural sources.