Fresh Start


Our Fresh Start level is designed for people that feel out of control and no longer in charge of their own health. During this 24 day program, you will reset your metabolism to a more natural standard, giving you control over your daily energy and your cravings again.

The Fresh Start level has two distinctive features:

  • It sets a fairly strict diet, reducing or eliminating most sugars and simple carbs. This helps your body reset to a more natural state; eating too many sugars gives you a constant craving  for more food. If you want to know what foods you’re allowed to eat, just tap the food board in the main app screen (and remember, only eat the foods you earned).
  • The exercises are easier. During the first weeks, you will need all your energy to adapt to a diet with fewer sugars. Intense exercise only decreases your chance of success by making you crave sugars even more. For this reason, the strength and sprint activities are easier during the Fresh Start. If you’re used to regular exercise, take it slow for a week or two.

Every day, the calendar in the main app screen will give you new information and tips, so make sure you check in every day! Using an app to keep track of which foods you can eat takes a little getting used to (and may feel a bit strange at first). Stick with it until you start to hear a little voice reminding you that you need to take a walk after dinner or you won’t be allowed to eat the delicious big salad you have planned for tomorrow. Once you hear that little voice, you have found the natural motivation you are looking for.

Finally, experience shows that weighing yourself every day may cause you to alter your behavior based on the reading on your scales. Ultimately, this impacts your results negatively. For this reason, we recommend locking your scales away for the duration of the program.

Good luck on day 1!