Healthy Lives


Not everyone has the same health and fitness goals. And even your own fitness goals may change throughout the year. To accomodate this, our app has several levels. You can choose your level in the settings. Or you can do a quick scan first to find which level best suits your personal goals.

Our standard level (called “balanced”) is designed to be a baseline level that you can use for most of the year. It provides a good balance between food availability (including cheats) and exercise intensity. If you’re new to the app, haven’t followed a natural diet before or haven’t exercised in a (long) while, we recommend you do a Fresh Start first.

Our Fresh Start level is designed to help you adapt to a more natural diet. It is perfect for people that have never followed a natural diet (meaning no processed foods and limited starchy foods) or people that have followed it in the past and want to come back. A Fresh Start has a fixed duration of 24 days. You can always start a new Fresh Start whenever you feel you need it.

The first two weeks of your Fresh Start will be tough as your body learns to cope without all the handy sugars it has gotten used to. If you would like a little more help during these difficult first weeks, consult our website – more info.

The Summer Boost level is designed to prepare your body for a more outdoor life. Focusing on sun exposure and building muscle mass, it also includes slightly cheaper cheats to reflect that summer is naturally a time of plenty – more info.

In nature, winter is usually a time of hardship and scarcity. To prepare ourselves, we tend to eat more food in the months running up to winter. But in our modern world, winter never comes. Supermarkets are filled with fresh produce all year.

The Winter Reset level reintroduces a little taste of winter to your life. Focusing on fasting and calorie reduction, it makes food scarcer and harder to earn. Doing a Winter Reset once a year (ideally for 4-6 weeks) resets your body and keeps you young and strong – more info.