Nutrition Guide


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Meat is a great source of quality protein and certain vitamins and minerals and has been a part of our natural diet for many thousands of years. Meat helps build strong muscles and maintain your body.

But recently red meats, and especially processed meats, have been associated with an increased risk of bowel cancer. Although the increase is small and the findings are not without controversy, it is likely that the unnatural feeds and high stress that characterise modern cattle farms are not producing the healthiest meats.

If you worry about the red meat you eat or what it is doing to the planet, buy organic grass fed meat from local farmers and avoid processed meats (read our Deep Dive about sustainable agriculture to learn more).

Eat different cuts from the animal (including organ meats), and don’t cut off the fat; it’s satisfying, healthy and delicious. Vary your protein intake by replacing your meat with fish, eggs, mushrooms or legumes from time to time.

Our app also allows you to set a vegetarian diet (in the settings); it will take meat, poultry, fish and seafood off the menu.