Nutrition Guide


Recommended use: Avoid unless you spend an earned cheat.

Sugar is a natural food and in itself it’s not poisonous or antinutritious. It does however cause your insulin levels to fluctuate. In a balanced diet, this is fine. Sometimes you eat a bit more sugar and your insulin level rises. Then your body digests the sugars and your insulin goes down again.

But the ubiquitous presence of sugar and starch in our Western diet mean our insulin levels are consistently high. This can lead to insulin resistance, which can eventually lead to diabetes and worse. Short term, high insulin levels lead to erratic energy levels, post lunch and dinner dips and an almost constant craving for more sugar.

So stay away from pastries, candy, chocolate and other “empty” sweet foods. And stay away from all sugary drinks, including fruit juices and milk. Your body absorbs the liquid sugars even faster than regular sugars.