Nutrition Guide


Recommended use: Avoid unless you spend an earned cheat.

Although they’re often sold as vegetable oils, seed oils do not come from vegetables. Instead, they come from seeds like sunflower, flax and rapeseed. These seeds are not naturally oily, and intense processing is often required to squeeze the oil out of them.

Added to this, seed oils are often rich in polyunsaturated fats, which are susceptible to oxidation. The high processing combined with the unstable fat composition means most seed oils are already oxidized when they arrive in your home. Cooking will oxidize them further.

Oxidized fats can cause inflammation in your body, leading to diseases like atherosclerosis, heart disease and even cancer.

Using oils that come from naturally oily crops like olives and avocados reduces the amount of processing necessary. The fat composition of these oils is also better, with less polyunsaturated fats and more monounsaturated fats. For cooking, use these fats instead.