Activity Guide


Required to complete: Go to bed by 10:30PM. Register your sleep activity in the app right before you go to bed, then leave your phone out of your bedroom.

Getting a good night sleep is very important. To achieve this, try to keep a steady sleep rhythm, including both your bed time and the time you get up in the morning. Don’t sleep late or go to bed late unless you have a good reason. Even if you have already filled your menu for tomorrow, the bonus star is an easy win.

Not everyone has the same sleep preferences, so we allow a little flexibility for this activity. For most people, 10:30 is a healthy bed time. But if you are a real night owl or your job requires irregular hours, you are allowed to stretch your bed time goal a little later (as long as you leave yourself at least 8 hours of sleep). Whatever you do, never let your bed time go past midnight. There are some processes that run on a fixed clock, and going to bed after midnight is just not healthy.

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