Activity Guide


Required to complete: Turn off your phone after 9PM.

Your phone has many adverse effects on your health. To free your mind and improve your sleep, you should try to put your phone aside from time to time. The activity rewards you for putting down your phone a little before bed time, allowing your brain to wind down before you go to sleep. If you have open the app to register activities after 9PM, do it once right before you go to bed.

Although it won’t earn you an extra reward, we also recommend putting your phone away during meal times, during exercise (including your daily walk) and while you’re sleeping. Don’t worry, this will still leave you plenty of time to check all your social media timelines. Twice.

To make this habit a little more sticky, we recommend you make a designated place where you can put your phone. Mark it out on your desk or make a separate compartment in a drawer. By making the “I’m putting my phone down now” place physical, it will become easier to actually do it.