Always work out at your own level. If a standard squat is too challenging for you, or you can’t get a decent number of reps that way, use one of the intermediate levels (they go up in difficulty from 1 to 3). It’s OK to stretch yourself, but there are no bonus points for hurting yourself.

Exercise: Squat - a man doing squats standing free on the floor

Stand comfortably with your feet slightly apart and facing outwards, then squat down. Keep your core muscles engaged.

Exercise: Squat level 1 - a man doing squats with his back against a wall or pole
Intermediate Level 1

Put your back against a wall or pole. Do the squats with your back sliding along the wall.

Exercise: Squat level 2 - a man doing squats holding a pole
Intermediate Level 2

Stand facing a pole or doorpost. Hold onto it, then do your squats.

Exercise: Squat level 3 - a man doing squats, touching a bench on every squat
Intermediate Level 3

Place a bench behind you. On each squat, touch the bench before you go back up.