Activity Guide


Required to complete: do the indicated number of sets. You don’t have to do all your sets in one exercise; you can do microworkouts spread across the day.

Strength exercises are an integral part of a natural exercise regime. They help you build and maintain muscle mass and activate your muscles. More muscle mass means you’ll burn more fat while going about your daily activities. People with a good balance between muscle and other tissue also live longer and healthier. Strength is one of the most reliable indicators of longevity.

We advise you to do strength exercises at least 2-3 days a week (allow rest days as well). You determine how many reps you do in a set (make your sets challenging but not punishing).

You don’t need weights or gym equipment to do strength workouts. Here are some suggestions for simple workouts (including tips for beginners):

Alternative exercises
Many common exercises build strength. Below are some suggestions for alternative exercises to keep things fresh. Doing these for the indicated time earns you a reward.

  • Climbing

    15 minutes

    Climbing is a very primal activity. Join a club, or just go out into the woods and climb some trees. The goal is not to climb as high as you can, but to have fun.

  • Gymnastics

    20 minutes

    Good old gymnastics is still a great workout. You’re mostly using your own weight, just as nature intended.

  • Skiing

    30 minutes

    Although skiing is not a traditional strength exercise, you’re giving a lot of muscles a good workout. Plus it’s a lot of fun!

  • Watersports

    30 minutes

    Surfing, sailing, waterskiing. Many sports on the water give you a good strength workout. Perfect for a nice summer’s day.

  • Bowling

    45 minutes

    Bowling is a nice low key exercise if you don’t feel like going too deep today.

  • Physical Work

    30 minutes

    Exercise you get while doing something useful is the best kind of exercise. Work in the garden, build some furniture or give your house a nice spring cleaning. Physical work is a great exercise.

  • Yoga

    30 minutes

    Yoga exercises come in many shapes and forms. They are great for your body and your mind. Adapt your time to the intensity of the exercises you do.