Nutrition Guide


Required to complete: spend the indicated time exposed to sun and/or cold.

In nature, we would constantly be exposed to the elements. Wind, rain, cold and most of all sunlight. In our modern times, we are sheltered from most of this. We work in an airconditioned and dimly lit office, drive around in an airconditioned vehicle and sit inside at home. As a result, our bodies have become pampered. If you want a healthy body, it is important to challenge it from time to time. On top of this, regular exposure to sunlight brings a whole host of direct healthy benefits.

Expose as much of yourself as is decently possible. Use the time you spend outside for good. Do some strength exercises, some breathing exercises or read a newspaper. Or just sit and relax. Try not to stare at your phone for 15 minutes.

By planning your sun exposure in the morning, you stimulate a healthy sleep pattern.