Activity Guide


Required to complete: Take a single walk for the indicated time.

Walking exercises are an essential part of a natural exercise regime. Walking exercises burn fat and boost your energy.

We recommend adopting a daily walking routine. This will make it easier to keep up and it will offer many healthy improvements for very little investment. On top of this, it is healthy to do a longer walk once a week (2-3 hours or more).

For a good walking workout, it is important to set a brisk pace and do your entire walk in one go. Taking six 5 minute walks is not the same as taking one 30 minute walk.

Alternative exercises
Any sustained moderate exercise can be a substitute for walking. Make sure you don’t get your heart rate up too high. A good rule of thumb is that you should always be able to hold a normal conversation during walking exercises.

Below are some suggestions for alternative exercises. The indicated times are equivalent to a 30 minute walk.

  • Golf

    45 minutes

    Golf is a great walking activity. Golf courses are often found in the most beautiful spots and as any golfer will tell you, it takes more willpower to stay off the course than to get on it.

  • Dancing

    20 minutes

    Dancing is fun, social and gives a great energy boost. Crank up the stereo while you’re doing housework and just move and sing along.

  • Swimming

    20 minutes

    Swimming is a great exercise. It combines elements of walking and strength exercises and is a great alternative for your daily walk.

  • Child’s Play

    30 minutes

    Playing outside with your children, just throwing a ball around or playing tag, gives you a great workout if you actively participate. Don’t sit on a bench and watch, get in there!

  • Cycling

    30 minutes

    Cycling is a great walking exercise. It’s outdoors, it’s fun and it’s invigorating.

  • Skating

    25 minutes

    Skating (on the road or on ice) is a good alternative to walking. Find an organized skating tour if you’re uncomfortable going on the road alone.