Activity Guide


Required to complete: Drink 5 large glasses of water (12oz. / 350ml.) spread across the day.

Drinking enough water makes living healthy a lot easier. When you drink water, you are filling your stomach, so it is a good way to curb your cravings. Whenever you think you feel hungry, consider whether a glass of water would work. If it does, then it was probably thirst (“thirsty” and “hungry” can be difficult to tell apart).

You are allowed to drink tea or carbonated water for a change of pace, but try to make your default regular water. Try to fix the times when you drink your water, this will help cement the habit.

Don’t go overboard. drinking water is healthy but it’s not necessary to constantly lug a bottle of water around and take sips every two minutes. It is much more natural to go without water for a while and then replenish with a nice big glass. If it’s a hot day and you’re drinking more than usual, don’t forget to add a little extra salt to your diet to balance your electrolytes.