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A natural approach to a happy life

Health is not the goal

Although most of our program is aimed at restoring your natural health, being perfectly healthy is not a goal. There is no “perfectly healthy”. You can do everything right and still get cancer. There are no guarantees in life.

What good health should be is a tool to help you live a happy life. If your energy levels are high and you are free of everyday discomforts, it will be easier to live a happy life than when you feel tired or sore all the time.

Stop trying to be perfect

Our social media culture has convinced us that perfect happiness is not only attainable, but normal. But behind every perfect Facebook wall is a real life of joy, tears, fear, hope, love and averageness.

The reality is that life is made up of all kinds of experiences. Positive, negative and average. The way to be happy is to accept the average and even the negative experiences in your life. If you feel rotten when you get out of bed or anxious about a meeting with your boss, there is nothing wrong with you. People just feel rotten or anxious sometimes. Of course, if you feel rotten all the time, you may need to do something about it.

Don’t try to avoid every negative experience, because that will only occupy your mind with negative experiences. If you spend all your time trying to be perfect, you are only reminding yourself you are not perfect now. Accept a bad day, shrug it off and get on with life.

Keeping up with the Joneses

Similarly, modern health and fitness has become a social media battleground of flat bellies and bulging muscles. Don’t let yourself be dazzled. Worrying about your body will not help you become thinner or more muscular. If you are always comparing yourself to people that are healthier than you, it will only make you feel unhealthy and insecure.

A large part of happiness is being confident. Feeling healthy will help you build your confidence. Focus on healthy habits and accept that you will never be the healthiest person in the world. Don’t let perfect health become an obsession. If you feel good most of the time, if you can run a quarter mile to catch a bus, if you are confident enough to jump into a beach volley game without hesitation, that is all the health you need to be happy.

Happiness is your reward

We tend to think of happiness as the ultimate goal in life. But biologically, happiness is only a reward your body gives you. When you do things that contribute to your evolutionary success, you are rewarded with a cocktail of happy hormones. Things like:

  • Hunting and gathering food
  • Connecting with other people
  • Tackling a challenging task
  • Creating tangible things
  • Exploring new lands and activities

Not all these behaviors have survived into our modern time, but their core remains. Not many of us actually hunt anymore, but things like driving, sports and video games all use basic hunting skills. Gathering is not a common pastime anymore, but shopping is.

If you want to be happy, seek out these activities. Find work that challenges you. Talk to your colleagues and friends in person rather than by email. DIY when little things need fixing. When someone needs your help, offer it. And don’t be afraid to try new things.

No shortcuts

If you have a naughty streak, that last paragraph may have had you thinking about happiness shortcuts. After all, if happiness is just a cocktail of hormones, then being happy is just a chemistry degree away, right? Well, you’re not the first to think that. In fact, things like cocaine, heroin and gambling are all hacks into our happiness system. They bypass the tediousness of earning and skip straight to the reward.

And if you know how most heroin and gambling addicts end up, you’ll agree that skipping straight to the reward is a recipe for disaster. It starts as a way to feel good, but quickly devolves into something you need to not feel bad. There are no shortcuts to happiness. So stop dreaming and get on it.