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A natural approach to healthy nutrition

Healthy nutrition is not about calories

Many modern diets focus on calories. They tell you to eat everything in moderation. To move more and eat less. In this view, healthy nutrition is just a question of balancing your energy input with your energy consumption. But nutrition is not just about calories.

Nutrition is first and foremost about getting your essential nutrients. Proteins, fatty acids, fibers, vitamins and minerals are all essential for you to function. If all you eat are low calorie foods devoid of nutrients, you’ll never be satisfied. A healthy diet is more about the foods you eat than about the foods you avoid. If you focus on eating nutritious food, you will be naturally satisfied making it easier to control your cravings and resist temptations.

Carb overload

In our modern Western diet, starches and sugars make up more than 50% of our total energy intake. These simple carbohydrates are easy to digest and provide quick energy. Unfortunately, they also cause insulin spikes and a craving for more sugar. As a result, our insulin system is constantly overloaded, leading to erratic energy levels and in severe cases to insulin resistance and diabetes.

Sugars and starches have a place in our diet, but not in these huge quantities. When you revert to a lower, more natural carb intake, you will feel more energetic and burn fat more effectively. This is not about avoiding all carbs, but about finding a more natural balance between the nutrients you eat.

Eat only nutritious foods

Our system lets you rebuild a natural relationship with food. You will eat nutritious foods and avoid foods with little or no nutritional value. Because you will be able to control your cravings better, there is no need to count calories or starve yourself.

So what exactly is a “nutritious diet”? A lion would die if it had to live on grass, while a cow eats nothing else. Any species thrives on the foods it evolved to eat. And humans are no different. Unfortunately, most of us have forgotten which foods make up the natural human diet. Lions eat meat, cows eat grass. And humans eat… a Big Mac? Chocolate sprinkled donuts? Tofu patties?

In nature, humans would eat vegetables, mushrooms, fruit, meat, fish, eggs, nuts and seeds. And those foods form the basis of our system. On top of that, we include some modern foods that are generally considered nutritious additions to the natural human diet. We want you to avoid highly processed foods like refined grains and seed oils. These contain little or no essential nutrients and they push other, more nutritious foods off your plate. For more information on individual foods, consult our food guide.

Make everything delicious

Modern snack foods have been carefully engineered to be the perfect blend of sugar, fat and salt. As a result, they taste really good. If you want to stand a chance against these hyperpalatable foods, eating healthy but bland foods is a losing strategy. You will need to make everything you eat as delicious as possible. So stock up on herbs, spices, onion, garlic and other taste-enhancers and use them. And don’t hold back on healthy cooking fats and salt.

So does all that mean you can never have a modern snack again? Don’t worry. Part of the Healthy Lives philosophy is that we use your cravings to motivate you to go out and exercise. So don’t worry, no food is completely off limits. Whatever you crave, there will always be a way to earn it…

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