Restore a natural, healthy balance

Habits and rewards

The Healthy Lives system uses your cravings to motivate you to adopt new habits. In each phase, there are a number of foods you can eat and a number of foods you can’t. But you can earn those foods by sticking to certain healthy habits.

The only way earning foods will work as motivation is if you take it seriously. If you haven’t done the work, don’t allow yourself the reward. Not even if there was a good reason.

Phase 1 food restrictions

Below is a list of which foods you are allowed to eat and which foods you aren’t. Check our food categories page for more detailed information. The basis of the Healthy Lives system is that you use your cravings to motivate yourself to exercise. So if foods are in our yellow or even our red category, there will be ways to earn them. We’ll explain how in the next section.



Vegetables, mushrooms, fruit, fish, herbs and spices, salt, healthy fats, condiments; (carbonated) water, black coffee and tea.

The green category contains common healthy foods and drinks. These are always available and do not need to be earned.


Earned foods

Nuts; poultry and eggs; meat.

The yellow category contains healthy foods that in nature would require effort to find or make. These are the foods you need to earn by sticking to your daily habits.


Cheats only

Grains, rice, potatoes, legumes, dried fruits, seed oils, artificial flavors and additives, sugary snacks and drinks, dairy products, fruit juice, alcohol.

The red category contains unhealthy foods you should avoid. Occasionally, you can earn a cheat which allows you to eat one meal or snack with no restrictions.

Some of these foods will move to the yellow category when you proceed to phase 2.

Earning foods

Our system uses your cravings to help you build healthy habits. Later, during the Balance phase, you will earn foods mainly by exercising. In the Reset phase, we want you to focus on resetting your metabolism. Too much intense exercise could actually harm your progress during this phase. Because of this, we keep things simple. We want you to adopt three simple new habits. Each time you stick with a habit for a day, you will earn a food for next day’s menu.


Start every day with a big glass of water (preferably a pint) and have a glass of water with every meal. Whenever you feel peckish, have a drink of water first. Often your cravings will go away. Keeping this up for a whole day will earn you poultry and eggs for next day’s menu.


Getting enough sleep helps you regain a healthy balance. Whenever you go to bed by 10:30, you earn nuts for next day’s menu. If you can’t sleep, just read a book or catch up with your partner. As your metabolism improves, so will your ability to fall asleep.


Walking burns fat, relieves stress and clears the mind. Whenever you take a 30 minute walk, you earn meat for next day’s menu. Take one long walk, not multiple short walks spread across the day. Taking a walk at the same time every day will make it easier to build a habit.


Additionally, if you take a 30 minute walk 7 days in a row, you earn a cheat. A cheat allows you to eat one meal or snack with no restrictions. Really limit your cheat to one meal or snack.


Although it doesn’t earn you a reward (it is its own reward), this habit is no less important. Your chances of success will increase if everything you eat is delicious. So put in the time and effort to make every meal as delicious as you can, even if that means spending more time in the kitchen than you’re used to.

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Are you ready?

If you are ready to change your life, there’s no better day to start than today. The Reset phase will be taxing, especially during the first few weeks. Your body goes through some impactful changes, and it will not give up its cosy sugar dependency without a fight. Be prepared to feel fatigue, headaches, bloating and general discomfort during the first weeks.

Give your body enough time to adjust to its new circumstances. You should not proceed to the Balance phase before you feel comfortable with your new daily routines. At the minimum, this means you keep up the Reset rules for two weeks. At the end week 2, evaluate your situation. Are you still feeling discomforts? Are you still often tired? Do you still crave sugar most of the time? If so, extend the Reset phase for another week then check again. If not, you are ready to proceed to the Balance phase.

The Reset phase can be tough. Our Fresh Start program is specially designed to guide you through the difficult first weeks of your Healthy Lives journey.