Start changing your life today

These rules are meant as a reference work and are consequently compact and to-the-point. Look at our system section if you want to understand the principles behind these rules.

Our mission

We have a mission. We want to let you be the best you you can be. Not just today. Not just tomorrow. But from this day forward. We want you to be healthier, happier, more energetic and more confident.

But we cannot do this alone. We need you. We need you to really want to change. To be willing to work for it. We have designed our system so anyone can do it, but you need to be 100% committed to it, especially in the first phase.

First phase?

Yes. Our program has two distinct phases: the Reset phase and the Balance phase. Although the rules between the phases are a little different, both are based on the same principle. They use your cravings to motivate you to change your habits.

Phase 1: Reset

In this phase, you will kick your sugar dependency and become an efficient fat burner. This means a stricter diet (with less sugars and starches) and limiting yourself to moderate daily exercises. Depending on your current fitness, the Reset phase will typically take 2-4 weeks.

Phase 2: Balance

In this phase, you’ll use our app to maintain a naturally balanced life. You’ll be allowed a wider range of foods, and you’ll do some weekly strength and sprint exercises. The Upkeep phase is designed to be easily maintained in everyday life.

In an ideal world, you go through the Reset phase once and then spend the rest of your life living happily in the Balance phase. Unfortunately, real life is not always ideal, and future family holidays, travel and other realities will disturb your healthy balance from time to time. Don’t worry about it, these things happen. Just get yourself together and do another Reset phase for a couple of weeks. Then, when you have regained your balance, you can return to cruising phase 2.

Where to start

If this is your first attempt at a sugar and starch restricted diet or you’ve done such diets in the past but it’s been a while, start with a Reset.

If you are currently following a sugar and starch restricted diet based on whole foods, you can skip the Reset phase and dive straight into the Balance phase. Have a look, we guarantee even the most weathered veteran will find some new ideas.