As the weather gets warmer and the days get brighter, most of us are filled with a renewed energy. We want to go outside, sit in the sun or jump into the water.

In nature, springtime is a time of activity. Hibernations end, new foods are to be found and love is in the air. As a consequence, most animals are bustling with activity in the springtime.

By focusing on (strength) exercises, our Summer Boost allows you to:

  • Use your springtime energy for good

    Longer, warmer days mean more time to go outside and be active. Our Summer Boost encourages you to take full advantage of this.

  • Build muscle mass

    More muscle mass helps you burn fat in rest, and it has a positive effect on aging.

  • Prepare for an outdoor life

    You’ll feel more confident to truly enjoy those long summer days at the beach or in the park.

Summer Boost in the App

To start a Summer Boost, go into the settings menu () of the app to change the level. All settings will be changed except for the current daily challenge (you’ll get a new challenge tomorrow). We advise you to set an end date for your Summer Boost and note it in your agenda (our recommendation is 4-6 weeks from now). Having a fixed end date gives you focus and commitment.

During the Summer Boost, you’ll get a strength challenge 4 times a week. It requires you to do 9 sets of strength exercises. This may not seem like much, but if you do this 4x a week, it does really add up. More is not always better. To grow effectively, your muscles need to alternate between exertion and rest, and this schedule accounts for that. Of course, you are always free to do more.

Spring and summer are naturally plentiful times. Food is abundant and diverse. To reflect this, the Summer Boost level uses the full Healthy Lives diet and cheats are relatively easy to earn. Use them to fuel all the extra activities you’re doing.

After you complete your Summer Boost, set the app back to the balanced level and continue life as normal.

Life’s a beach… Enjoy it!