As the days get darker, food gets center stage in most homes. Our meals get heartier, and a series of food-focused holidays cry out to the glutton in us.

In nature, most animals do the same. Autumn is a time to prepare for the hardships of winter. You need a nice layer of fat so you can ride out the days when it’s too cold to go hunting and all you can do is sit and wait. Knowing this, our autumn gluttony is both natural and understandable.

But in our modern lives, winter never comes. Our supermarkets are stocked year round with goodies from all over the world. We live in comfortably heated homes and snow ploughs and spreaders keep our roads clean so life can go on. It’s all very nice, but it also means that the reserves you built up during the autumn are never used.

This is where our Winter Reset level comes in. By strictly limiting your diet and having regular fasts, you will:

  • Follow the rhythm of nature

    In nature, the seasons have a big impact on all aspects of life. The Winter Reset simulates many of these aspects.

  • Lose those holiday pounds

    Lose the extra pounds your body has accumulated in preparation for a winter that never comes.

  • Start the new year refreshed

    By giving your body a natural reset, you allow it to emerge refreshed when springtime comes.

Winter Reset in the App

The Winter Reset level assumes you are already familiar with a natural diet and exercise regime. If you have no previous experience with Healthy Lives or other natural / lower carb diets, we advise you to look at our introductory Fresh Start level first.

To start a Winter Reset, go into the settings menu () of the app to change the level. All settings will be changed except for the current daily challenge (you’ll get a new challenge tomorrow). We advise you to set an end date for your Winter Reset and note it in your agenda (our recommendation is 4-6 weeks from now). Having a fixed end date gives you focus and commitment.

During the Winter Reset, you’ll be required to fast every day between 8PM and noon the next day. This means skipping breakfast every morning (you can have black coffee or water) but it also means skipping snacks and drinks (including all alcohol) every evening. On top of this, you can choose to prolong your fasts from noon to 5PM to earn a food (plus a bonus reward if fasting is your daily challenge).

Completing a Winter Reset is not easy, and you should only commit to it if you feel up to the challenge. You’ll learn a lot about how your body copes with scarcity, and sticking it out improves your resilience and overall health. To give you some relief, you are allowed to spend earned cheats during the Winter Reset, and a cheat allows you one meal or snack with no restrictions (meaning a cheat can also allow you to eat during your fast).

After you finish your Winter Reset, set the app back to the balanced level and continue life as normal.

Winter is coming… Be prepared!